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Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Can I extend my visa?

If you need to extend your visa, the Immigration office in Banda Aceh is the place to go.

Is English widely spoken?

Local people are generally very friendly and accommodating. Although English is not widely spoken in the village, you will find that the people you come into contact with in Lhoknga will have a basic level of spoken English. You will find too that even little bit of Bahasa Indonesia will go a long way! If you do however wish to have an English speaking guide, Yudi’s Place can arrange that for you.

What is the local religion?

The vast majority of the Acehenese (the province) people are Muslim, apart from a very small minority of Christians of Chinese origin. Indeed Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where Islamic law is applied. Each village has it’s own mosque and you are likely to see local religious festivals and celebrations, especially during fasting month and other special religious times.

Can we change money once we arrive in Lhoknga?

You can change money at either a bank or money changer at either the airport on arrival (once you leave Arrivals hall) or in Banda Aceh, not in Lhoknga village. There are ATMs at the airport and on the way to Lhoknga, as well as in Banda Aceh. The ATM in the village doesn’t accept all cards and you can only withdraw 500,000 IDR at a time.