Wind is Up

SEASON: May - October

Suitable for all abilities of kitesurfer, Lhoknga has something to offer everyone, with a wide lagoon, beach break and reef break for wave riding too. Between May and end of September the wind blows more or less consistently onshore. Yudis Place team can provide
Lhoknga, Aceh,Sumatra has a few different kitesurfing spots.  With a stunning mountain backdrop, you can kitesurf in a long white sand beach lagoon, just a few minutes walk from Yudis Place.  The lagoon is protected by a long reef and depending on the tide, wind and wave size, there’s lots you can do.
In the next bay around is Baba Dua, also a lagoon, with flat water.  There’s also wave riding depending on the tide.
The black sand beach, just a 10 minute bike ride south from Yudis Place, it is shallow and more suitable for wave riding however.
There’s also the opportunity to explore undiscovered spots all around the West and East coast of Aceh.