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Singapore kitesurf team visit yudis place

A great time was had by all when the Singaporean team came to town. It was the first time to Aceh for most of six friends who often go on kiting trips together. They were pleasantly surprised with the beauty … Read More

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Aceh’s pioneer kitesurfer returns!

Josh first came to Aceh in 2005, to help with the tsunami recovery and lived in Lhoknga with Yudi and jis family. Josh was the first person to ever kitesurf in Aceh with his Peter Lynn kite, kiting solo in … Read More

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News From June

June was a great month for kitesurfing in Aceh,Indonesia. Yudis Place welcomed and hosted guests from all over the globe: Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and even Russia. Everyone had a great time kitesurfing in the lagoon in front of … Read More

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Wind came early this morning

20-25 knot wind come early this morning with sunny day, the lagoon is the best spot for kiting with size 9 kite. Lets riding with us!!

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